painting commission of a child fishing by Bobbie Bush
the making of a portrait painting commission of a couple
the making of a memorial painting of a father

Memorial Portrait 

Remembering a Father 

creating a special painting of a beloved home as a gift

House Portrait 

Celebrating a Memory

the making of a memorial painting of a mother from a family photo

Memorial Portrait 

Honoring a Mother 

Giving the gift of a special painting of a family member

Portrait Commission

Celebrating Childhood

commissioning a special painting as a wedding gift

Anniversary Portrait

Celebrating a Wedding Location
a magical painting commission as a surprise gift

Painting Commission

Holiday Tradition Honored

the making of a landscape painting by bobbie bush

Coastal Landscape 

Favorite Location

making of a memorial painting from a family photo
transforming a travel photo into a work of art
transforming a photograph of a special moment into a work of art
commissioned portrait of a granddaughter from a photo
commissioned portrait of a granddaughter from a photo

Pet Portrait 

Expressing Love

Portrait Commission 

Honoring Family History 

Bridal Portrait

Celebrating a Wedding

Memorial Portrait 

Honoring a Legend 

Portrait Commission

Honoring a Spouse

Feline Pet Portrait

Transforming a Snapshot

Portrait Commission

Celebrating Childhood

Pet Portrait

Celebrating a Loyal Pet


Painting Commission

Honoring Cameraderie

commission a painting with portrait artist bobbie bush

Your photograph. Transformed.

portrait painting commissions with Boston Portrait Artist Bobbie Bush
  • Celebrate a child's milestone birthday

  • Recognize a person's contribution to their community

  • Commemorate a life event or anniversary

  • Preserve a special vacation or beloved place

  • Memorialize a life well lived

  • Honor a loved one for who they are right now

What story would you like to tell?

We accept 5 commissions a month.

Will yours be one of them?

A Million Thanks!



"A million thanks for working with my sons on your extraordinary painting of Larry and I.

A birthday surprise of the highest magnitude."    


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