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Painting Commission to Honor an Anniversary. 

An Extraordinary Anniversary Gift

Samantha's first wedding anniversary was coming up, and she wanted to plan an extraordinary gift to mark the occasion. It was important to bestow a gift that was deeply personal.


A Deeply Meaningful Place

The subject of the painting is the tranquil view from their wedding venue, overlooking Chatham harbor. The light over the landscape in the original source photograph was soft and inviting.


Enhancing the Emotion

In discussions with Samantha, the panoramic harbor view is a visual representation of the emotions surrounding their wedding day. To more deeply express the feeling of the day, it was important to enhance the aesthetics of the artpiece with additional color, saturation and texture in the sky. 


Paper Anniversary Tradition

A First Anniversary is traditionally considered the 'paper anniversary'. So, for this painting commission, we made the choice to create a custom work of art on paper, rather than on artists' canvas. In the end, the painting was reimagined as a work on paper in the style of watercolor brushes and pastel chalks. 


A Visual Reminder of Their Love

This extraordinary gift will forever be a visual reminder of their love for one another, as it represents a special place that they will hold in their hearts every day.  

giving the gift of a special painting commission to honor a wedding anniversary
the original reference snapshot of a special place

original snapshot

work in progress detail of the wedding anniversary painting commission

the sky transformed with vivid colors

work in progress detail of the wedding anniversary painting commission

enhanced with  rich detail and textures

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What is a painted portrait?

Painted portrait commissions combine traditional photographic portraiture with hand-applied painting artistry. Using a mixed media approach, I blend a variety of mediums and tools, from a camera to a tablet to more traditional artist mediums and oils on canvas.


Each portrait commission begins with a reference image and is transformed into a work of art, initially with hand-rendered modern brushwork, and later the painting is transferred to canvas and enhanced with texture, glazes and oil paints. In the end you'll have a painting that you'll love!

Your photograph. Transformed.

Your work of art can be transformed into a painting from most any camera photo or image regardless of the background. In addition, you may also be able to use a digital file you had someone else photograph as long as we have permission. Send us a photo, or we can schedule a sitting.

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