Celebrating Those Places You Love

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Painting of a Special Travel Memory. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a meaningful painting
that celebrates somewhere special?


Let's explore the possibilities!


What is a painted portrait?

Painted portrait commissions combine traditional photographic portraiture with hand-applied painting artistry. Using a mixed media approach, I blend a variety of mediums and tools, from a camera to a tablet to more traditional artist mediums and oils on canvas.


Each portrait commission begins with a reference image and is transformed into a work of art, initially with hand-rendered modern brushwork, and later the painting is transferred to canvas and enhanced with texture, glazes and oil paints. In the end you'll have a painting that you'll love!

Your photograph. Transformed.

Your work of art can be transformed into a painting from most any camera photo or image regardless of the background. In addition, you may also be able to use a digital file you had someone else photograph as long as we have permission. Send us a photo, or we can schedule a sitting.

It's easier than you think to Commission a Painting.


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We accept 5 commissions a month.

Will yours be one of them?

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